​​Total Therapies offer touch treatments in order to bring a sense of well-being, increased relaxation and reduce anxiety. As we get older one of the things that we miss the most is touch. We crave the contact of another and something as simple as holding a hand can bring a sense of belonging, warmth and peace.
My name is Carole Dalton and I am the founder of Total Therapies. I have been very fortunate to work as a complementary therapist for a number of years and as such I have gained extensive experience of providing and delivering complementary therapies within clinical and hospice care.

I have a wealth of knowledge of delivering and modifying treatments to those living with life limiting conditions, reduced mobility, isolation, lack of confidence, neurological conditions and those of the third age. As a result of my experiences I am acutely aware of the need to offer touch through complementary therapies that bring a sense of well-being, reduce anxiety and increase relaxation. It is extremely important to me that the delivery of complementary therapies should be gentle, offer warmth, and differs from medical touch.
I am aware, and fully understand, that complementary therapies within a clinical and care setting should be suitable, practical and able to be used with the most complex of circumstances.

I established Total Therapies to bring together a group of highly trained and experienced therapists who are experts in their field, well-grounded and able to modify treatments to suit each individual need and setting.