Benefits of touch through Complementary Therapies
Touch – Why is it so important? As human beings we crave physical touch and this craving does not fade as we get older. From the earliest to the later stages of life and everywhere in-between, human touch is vitally important. A parent to child touch forms the foundations of early childhood development. In daily life, positive touch causes humans to experience pleasure, belonging and a sense of well-being. The need for touch does not wane with age; it persists beyond the human functions of vision and hearing, indicating that the importance of human touch extends throughout our whole life.

As we become older and more frail we are more likely to experience new conditions and deteriorating health. The touch we received from our loved ones and friends may change and, through necessity, be replaced by a more practical or medically-related touch. This can affect our well-being, confidence, increase our anxiety or cause us to withdraw and communicate our wishes differently. This is where touch - through complementary therapies and delivered by Total Therapies- can help to redress the balance.
Touch, through complementary therapies, has many benefits. These may include:
  • Relaxation
  • A sense of well-being
  • An aid to communication
  • Peace and pleasure
  • Help to reduce blood pressure and heart rate
  • Time out from medical touch
  • Help to decrease anxiety and stress
  • Help with symptom control such as pain management